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    Shanghai Auto International Logistics Co., Ltd. specializes in international transportation business, providing sea, land and air import and export cargo transportation services to customers at home and abroad, including booking, stowage, customs declaration, warehousing, transportation, insurance and a number of logistics services.
    The company has complete business functions, realizing modern management, and has a team of experienced, skilled business and good professional ethics, which can wholeheartedly provide new and old customers with safe, fast, accurate, economical and convenient international freight services.
    At all times, Shanghai Auto International Logistics takes the enterprise spirit of "service and integrity" and the business philosophy of "customer first, continuous improvement" as its corporate purpose, not only in terms of scale, but also in terms of service quality, and to a higher standard. Work hard and hope that our customers will join hands with Shanghai Auto International Logistics to open up new markets.

    The global transportation agency network covers 110 countries, with more than 200 international airline services, and can provide door-to-door transportation with double clearing and delivery services.
    Sea transportation covers all major routes. Through the guarantee of space, customers can enjoy sufficient FCL equipment and space guarantee to ensure the standardization and reliability of customer service.
    Air Freight
    The core agency, 34 basic international airports and their radiators can be directly agency. Package board service, which can realize local packing and film wrapping service.
    Rail Transport
    Delivery throughout Europe, as well as Russia, Turkey, Georgia and other places. The whole journey is 16-18 days, and the import railway transportation saves 80% of the freight than the air transportation.
    Trade Agent
    The professional import team is committed to providing customers in East China, South China, North China and Southwest China with import customs clearance, agency issuance.


    Import & Export By Air
    Imported FCL
    Sea Import Distribution
    FCL Exported By Sea
    International Transit LCL
    Warehouse Interior
    Bonded Logistics
    Various warehousing services such as sorting and labeling, pallet packaging, inspection and quarantine, etc.
    02  AGENT
    One-stop service agency, foreign trade agency, freight insurance agency, save worry and effort for you
    Design and consulting of all-round solutions such as supply chain and 3p logistics solutions


    Butler Operation

    Train Services

    04  TRAINING
    Carry out professional process training, so that you can clearly grasp every detail
    05  STOWAGE
    No need to worry too much, from booking to stowage, here to help you deal with it properly
    06  P2P
    A number of safe, fast, accurate and economical value-added service programs are waiting for your consultation



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